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Looking for a reliable computer repair service in New York? Svarga21 is exactly what you need. The vast experience of our engineers, excellent prices, modern equipment and our own warehouse of parts allows to solve your problem in a short time in the most reliable way.

 Many repair services offer only component replacement, or offer repairs that are not rational. We treat each client responsibly and offer reasonable repairs, as well as repairs of the computer components themselves with an additional warranty. You can also send your computer to us in the service by postal services

   You can contact us with absolutely any problem related to your computer. Our engineers will always help you and advise you on the cost and timing. And, as a rule, diagnostics and consultations are absolutely free. We look forward to seeing you at our New York computer repair service center

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Power supply repair

Your computer won’t turn on? Maybe it’s the power supply! We are waiting for you at Svarga21 computer repair service center


Monitor repair

Quite a common problem – we can solve it for you. Usually it doesn’t take long to solve.


Operating system

Installation of any desired operating system on the computer with a package of drivers and necessary programs


Virus Removal

Curing your computer from viruses and restoring damaged files



At Svarga21 you can improve or assemble a new computer of any configuration and design


Much more

Contact us any way you want for any problem with your computer. 

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