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Modern smartphones are complex technical devices. Many components are so fragile that one careless move will lead to malfunction. Trust the repair of your smartphone to professionals. Experienced engineers, modern equipment and constant training allow you to restore your smartphone as in the factory.

   In 80 percent of cases, smartphone repair takes no more than 1 hour. In other cases we try to make repairs on the same day. High speed of repair is achieved due to the availability of almost all spare parts and components for all popular models of smartphones. 

  From replacing the display module, speaker and microphone, to restoring the motherboard of a smartphone after a liquid and replacing the power controller – all this can be done at the service center for phone repair Svarga21 in New York. You can see the quality of services provided in reviews of Svarga21

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The most common problems with smartphones

Hiccups when turning on, smartphone slowdowns, viruses are quite common problems with smartphones. Our service is fast enough to solve such problems. Usually it takes no more than 1 hour

Perhaps the most common malfunction is mechanical damage to the touch screen and display of the smartphone. We can replace them within 20-30 minutes if the modules are in stock. Please note that all spare parts are of high quality and have a warranty

There are many reasons for this malfunction. Mostly it is damage to the hardware part of the smartphone. Fortunately, the diagnosis at our service center for phone repair is free. It will not take you long to find out the cause and cost of repair.

After a fall or mechanical impact, phone cases are deformed or cracked, which brings inconvenience to its users. At our service center you can replace the part of the case or repair it, thanks to special equipment and experienced engineers.

Not all smartphones have protection against liquid, but do not despair, Svarga21 specializes in deep hardware repair. Restoring a smartphone after water is a complex procedure and takes 24 hours. Svarga21 can help you

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