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This is not an easy path for us, as every year we set ourselves the task of improving the quality of our services. We are a client-oriented team that is interested in the continued development of our company. In order to do this, it is necessary to keep an eye on our reputation. The most valuable for us is the feedback from our clients, which will work for us as the best advertisement.


"all in one"

Smartphone Repair

Any complexity, regardless of brand, type and model in a short time

PC repair

Monoblocks, servers, home PCs - any problem can be solved in our service

Tablet Repair

From display replacement to restoration after water damage with a long warranty of our services

Repair of mining farms

Huge experience in assembling, repairing and maintaining mining farms.

TV repair

You don't want to miss your favorite shows on TV. Leave the repairs to the professionals

Much more

Quadcopters, game consoles, medical equipment, navigators and more. Contact us

Photo "Svarga21 Employee Reinstalls Operating System "*

* Humor

Fair repair

 Surely you have experienced cheating or incompetent smartphone/PC/notebook repair service centers in New York. After such services, you lose confidence in the entire industry. 

   Svarga21 has built the foundation for its services on integrity and professionalism. Our engineers will explain in simple language the essence of the problem and rational ways out of it, help to make the right decision even in the most complicated cases. 

   Because of this, many New Yorkers already trust us to repair and service their appliances on a regular basis and recommend us to their friends.

   We appreciate every customer who contacts us. It does not matter if it is a consultation or recovery of lost data from the hard drive.  Our advice – read company reviews, we are proud of our reputation. 

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