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Professional computer repair

Engineers with more than 10 years of experience will repair your computer or assemble a new one in a short time.

desktop pc repair nyc


We give a warranty on all services of our service center

Fast repair

We solve most problems on the same day


Guaranteeing the safety of your computer data

Best Service

We keep our service at a high level

General computer problems

A list of problems that are most common with computers
pc desktop repair NYC

My computer won't turn on

I press the power button and it doesn't respond

pc desktop repair NYC

Windows doesn't start

My computer turns on, but does not start the operating system

pc desktop repair NYC

My computer started to slow down

The computer takes a long time to load, freezes, etc.

pc desktop repair NYC

It turns on, but the screen is black

You hear the computer turning on, but there is no image

pc desktop repair NYC

My computer is overheating

During work, my computer shuts down under load

pc desktop repair NYC

Computer is infected with a virus

I'm getting ads popping up or other manifestations of the infection.

pc desktop repair NYC

Mechanical damage

The computer does not work correctly after a shock or fall

pc desktop repair NYC

Water damage

Computer stops working after getting liquid

pc desktop repair NYC

Quality computer repair in New York

   It’s quite difficult to find a computer repair service that will meet all customer needs, such as quality of repair, repair time, honesty of repair and cost of repair.

   The Svarga21 team originally opened the service center with these needs in mind, and we continue to improve our service to this day. That’s why we’ve earned an excellent reputation in New York that works better than any advertising. 

   With us, you can have absolutely any malfunction of your computer repaired. Our specialists will conduct a free assessment, explain in plain and simple language the essence of the problem and voice the cost of the most rational option to solve the problem with your PC.

Why choose us?


Free diagnostics

In any case, before repairing your PC you will know what's wrong with it in clear language and the cost of repair. We'll help you make the right decision


Quality repair

We focus our services on high factory quality PC repair with a warranty. We understand how important this is.


Individual approach

Not always the repair of your PC will be rational and you will know it. Every case is different - we'll help you find a solution

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Computer assembly and improvement

Not only do we repair computers, but also assemble new modern PCs for individual needs, taking into account all your wishes.  Only in this case, your computer will be a reliable assistant in your business. Computer assembly to order in Svarga21 has a number of advantages, such as cost savings (you do not overpay for unnecessary components you do not need) and quality assemble (our engineers pick up the components, which will not conflict with each other). The choice is obvious. 

   It is not always necessary to assemble a new PC.  In some cases, it is necessary to replace one or more components to improve the performance and speed of your computer. This will save you quite a bit of money. 

Whatever the problem is with your computer – we will always help and solve it in the shortest possible time. That’s what we do.

desktop pc repair nyc

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